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What we do 

Pana Wakke signs in the best storytellers and artists from English-speaking countries and brings them to international and bilingual schools around the World.


At Pana Wakke we aim to establish long-term relationships. We collaborate with our clients to tailor the experience to their school's needs. We partner with the artists to make sure that this experience nurtures them as individuals and professionals.


We take pride in our warm professionalism and impeccable logistics.

We have a huge network of specialists and workshop leaders.


Let us know what goals you have set for your staff and we can organise relevant workshops and conferences to suit your school’s needs.

Book authors, Storytellers, Illustrators, Musicians. You name it!


We can organise for a professional to work at your school for a specific project, combining performances, student and staff workshops, classroom work and school events.

Professional Development
Artist in Residence
Storytelling Tours

We send you all the relevant information of the visiting artist and dates of the tour. All you need to do is pick the date that best works for you and fill out a reservation form.


We organise all the details of the visit, including links to the curriculum if it is your wish.  


A tour manager is on site to look after the artist and deal with  all practical matters. You are left free to be a guest at your own school.


Thanks to Pana Wakke, international visits have never been easier or less time-consuming!

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