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Presentations & Workshops

  • Raising Children for Real Success

A presentation about the main scientific discoveries in the realm of Positive Psychology on what enables individuals to thrive and how that should inform our choices as individuals and as educators. (Lecture w/ small group discussion. No min. or max participants. For parents and teachers. 2 hs)

  • Storytelling at Home: Why, What and How to tell.

Story is how we make sense of the world. We will briefly examine the emotional and academic value of engaging in storytelling with our children. Through fun activities, we will connect with the storyteller within us and learn effective and playful ways to engage our children in storytelling.

  • Storytelling for 21 Century Skills: Developing Emotional Intelligence

​Teacher Workshop. Minimum 2 hours. 

  • Storytelling for 21 Century Skills: Character Strengths

Teacher Workshop. Minimum 2 hours.

  • Storytelling for 21 Century Skills: Collaboration and Creativity

Teacher Workshop. Minimum 2 hours. 

  • Storytelling in the curriculum: Differentiation and Multiple Intelligences

Teacher Workshop. Minimum 2 hours. 

    Co-created with members of the Beyond Unemployment team in Croatia, the Impact Teaching workshops seek to re-empower teachers as agents of Social Transformation. 


  • Personal and Interpersonal Awareness for Educators
    When it comes to skills, there is nothing like leading by example. From knowing our own purpose to developing our creativity, we become better educators as we become better at being who we are. This workshops has many editions and is also an integral part of the individual and team coaching sessions. It is tailored to specific goals and needs.  For Parents, Teachers and/or Leadership Teams.

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