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Pana Wakke and the Artist

We strive to provide our Talents with an experience that will enrich them professionally and at a personal level as well, so that touring with Pana Wakke is more than just a job opportunity. It is about work, but also about sightseeing, tasting exotic foods, learning about different cultures and making new friends. 


As a crucial part of our mission, we make an enormous effort to integrate the Talents' visits to the curriculum, collaborating with schools in planning the visit, offering workshops fot teachers and students, and follow-up material.


We are 100% about entertainment and 100% about education. 


A tour manager takes care of all practical details of the tour so you can focus on your performances.


If you fulfill the basic requirements listed below, contact us to get to know each other better!


- Full-time performer 

- Performs for audiences of all ages (+ 4 y/o)

- Wide repertoire than can be adapted for ESL audiences if necessary

- Understanding of academic value of your particular work

- Staff and student workshops

- Two clients who can provide references based on presentations from the past 6 months.


Write to us at to receive more details.

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