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Pana Wakke in your school

At Pana Wakke we know schools first hand. We've been in our clients' shoes and know how to cater for the needs of busy educators. The more we know you, the better we can help you realise your plans.

We get as involved as you want us to. Pana Wakke can schedule "just" shows, or plan the content so that each performance is linked to your curriculum. We can also do workshops and parent sessions, which we guarantee to keep relevant, informative, engaging and actionable. 

We are passionate about storytelling, and believe it to be crucial to build human relationships, develop emotional intelligence, nurture 21st century skills and improve literacy.


Storytelling is the best complement to what you are already doing in your school, and it caters to all levels of language proficiency and big and small audiences.  

What’s important to you, is definitely important to us! 

We're not just a supplier. We're your partner.

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