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Our team at Pana Wakke.


Pana Wakke reunites a passionate team of senior professionals with proven experience in education and school administration, hospitality business, logistics and finances, production, corporate social responsibility and the non-profit sector. 


We share the passion for meaningful work and positive transformation through education and the Arts. Among us, we have visited or resided in over 40 countries in all five continents.


We make the complex look easy and offer both clients and artists an enjoyable, stress-free experience to last them a lifetime. 


Not much is typical about Sonia’s career. After teaching and working in school management for about 20 years, she applied her experience to the most diverse projects. School advisor, tour coordinator, freelance writer, producer, educational consultant for a natural reserve, among many others. 


Sonia is a born nomad and has traveled widely, combining business and pleasure. She lived in China for five years.


After working for bigger production companies, founding and directing Pana Wakke is the pinnacle of her career. An endeavour that puts together her professional skills and personal passions and beliefs.

Marko Zivkovic

Marko, co-founder of Pana Wakke, has vast experience in sales and international business. He is sales manager at Argensun. Previously he was a consultant at Johnson & Johnson Medical and Product & Sales manager at Stryker Corporation.


His passion for schools and education arose when he became a father, and Pana Wakke counts on his business expertise, passion for Storytelling and performing arts in general and being an expert at making dreams and vision become solid projects.

Belén Urien

Belén is an Economist and entrepreneur, specializing in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. She has helped establish several schools in poverty-struck areas of Buenos Aires, using her personal and professional skills to help the less fortunate.


Belén co-founded Ecomanía, the first magazine on Environmental Sustainability in Argentina and is responsible for valuable educational projects in Buenos Aires. 


She has taught both at schools and universities and is the mother of three gorgeous children. 

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